A. T. I. pros

     Frida's Mexican Cuisine, Chula Vista, Ca.- pebble stone walls and concrete counter in restroom.  The stones needed repairing when the owners decided to make several changes.  Bet you can't tell where the repairs were made!!
             Sizzler Restaurant, Oxnard, Ca. - Cultured stone thru-out the restaurant.
    Frida's Mexican Cuisine, Chula Vista, Ca. - honey onyx w/ yellow brick in herringbone pattern.
     H & M Store, Chula Vista, Ca. - 1/2" glass mosaic tiles.  There are actually two of these panels, one on each side of the store, 24 feet up.

     Wesley Palms Retirement Apartments, San Diego, Ca. - Ledger stone thru- out the lobby.

     Miller's Field, Pacific Beach, Ca. - Porcelain tiles.
          Ruth's Chris Steakhouse, Pasedena, Ca. - Marble tiles with inlay pattern.
      Bondi Rest. San Diego, Ca. - Australian Iron Ore nuggets. 60 tons of Iron ore was shipped from Australia for this restaurant.  Almost all of it was used inside and out.

     Marmalade Cafe, Tustin, Ca. - Slate floors in restrooms.  This is an install for another tile company.  They coudn't make this job so we stepped in and saved the day!! 

Marmalade Cafe entrance,12" x 12" porcelain tiles with 4" x 24" border, it looks like a giant quilt as you walk in.. 

     Bondi Rest. San Diego, Ca. - Australian Blue Stone Waterfall.  Bamboo baskets around the waterfall are lowered from the ceiling to allow seating for customers. (no, they don't give rides, you can only sit in them when they're on the ground).
      Uno Chicago Grill, Milbury, Ma. - Brick Veneer over concrete block wall.
      Uno Chicago Grill, Providence, R.I. - Brick Veneer over drywall.  This is new construction but Uno's wanted the walls to look old and cracked.  They were pleased with the end product.
      Frida's Mexican Cuisine, Glendale, Ca. - Porcelain Tile in restrooms. The walls in this room are conical, slanted and curved.  Very unique.
      Frida's Glendale, Ca. - Glass tile on bar and hostess.  What a place!!  Frida's had the glass tile for this bar special ordered for a one-of-a-kind look.

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